Overcoming my Emotions

I am overcome in emotions this morning. I am going through some very difficult things in my life right now in addition to dealing with my depression and borderline personality disorder on a daily basis. So, please forgive me if this seems to ramble today. My youngest daughter is a few months from graduating high … Continue reading Overcoming my Emotions

Making Female Friends…not so easy

The only way to have a friend, is to be a friend. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson I don't know why, but for me...it's never been easy to make female friends. Mainly in my early twenties, I would say is when it started becoming tough. I had some major hurt done by teenage girls in middle & … Continue reading Making Female Friends…not so easy

Trying to Get Through Another Day

No one explains how someone should understand grief, how you are suppose to learn how to get through it and process each stage of it. There is no book that we were given to read as a child to prepare us for this...no class in school taught us how to be ready for the death … Continue reading Trying to Get Through Another Day