Election Day



November 4, 2008

Today is Election Day.  It is finally here. The day America has been waiting for what seems like years. 

I say this because this election campaign has been one of the messiest and hardest in our nation’s history. So, I say with relief that I am glad that it is finally Election Day! 

I pray that the weather is good across the country so more people will be inclined to head out to the polls to vote. I also pray that as we wait in the lines to vote, that we use that time to spend some time in prayer and make sure we are voting the way the Lord would want us to.

It will be a relief to me for tomorrow to come, and we can all get on with the next four years.  No matter who is elected into office today, I have decided to pray for our new President; even if it is the person I did not vote for.

So, when tomorrow comes, remember that having a negative attitude about our new president will not help things and will not help your walk with the Lord.

Have a very blessed Election Day.

In His Steps,



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