A New President



November 5, 2008

Finally we have made it! It is finally November fifth and so many Americans can finally stop getting so worked up about the election. We have a new President of our United States, and regardless if we voted for him or not, he IS our next Forty-Fourth President.

As Christians we should be praying for our leaders, especially our President. We should be praying for his family, his staff members, our state officials and our local officials.

If any Christians have ill feelings toward our new President, I pray that you will be able to give it over to the Lord and let HIM have it. Our Christian walk with the Lord will not be all it can be if we are carrying around ill feelings, anger or bitterness.

So, now as we embark into the next four years, I will be praying for our new President.

Have a very blessed Wednesday.

In HIS Steps,


“ … as for me and my house,

we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15



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