My ‘Ole Dog Dexter



My heart breaks tonight as I watch my ‘ole dog Dexter. Dexter is a big 8 1/2 year old Bassett  Hound that we got when he was 6 months old when we lived in Texas.

Let me just say this upfront. Dexter stinks! Literally! Almost all the time. I could bathe him and then 5 minutes later, he will stink just as bad as he did before his bath.

I love Dexter so much. He has been such a good ‘ole faithful dog for the 8 years we have had him. He is almost completely blind now in both eyes, and tonight it seems like it may be the last night he will be with us.

He has no energy, has been throwing up all day off and on, and does nothing but lay around. I know that if it’s his time, then it’s his time. I just pray that the Lord will take him quickly because he is very loved in our family.

I don’t know what else to say because my heart is breaking. I will close for now and pray for the best.





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