The Loss of a Family Dog


 I woke up Saturday morning, December 6th around 5 AM to find our beloved, blind Basset Hound dog  had passed away in the middle of the night. Dexter Babe Wright was his name.

Dexter had many nicknames. We would call him Tex Dex, Dexter Texter and Lindsey’s favorite was Dexy.

We got Dexter from a very nice Wichita Falls, Texas policeman eight years ago while we were stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base. Dexter was only six months old when we got him.

At the time we got Dexter, we also had two labs; Sugar and Cocoa. (none of the dogs at the time were neutered or spayed …. so it was inevitable :>) )

In December of 2002, Sugar (our yellow lab) had eleven puppies with Dex as the proud papa. One of the eleven puppies died shortly after birth. We had six yellow puppies and four black puppies. We gave them all away at six weeks old. They were so cute.

 When my parents lived at their other home, they had a lot of land, with a pond. We would bring Dexter with us when we would go to their house to visit. This is what they said about Dexter.

“Dexter got to be a “regular dog,” at our house. He would run around with the other dogs around the property.”

“He loved to get into the pond.”

    I asked my son, husband  and my youngest daughter one or two things they remembered the most about Dexter and here is what they said, and some things I remember.
     I am also going to go through my pictures and put together a slide show of pictures of Dex and our family over the past eight years.
    Kyle said, “Dexter liked to lay by the front door on the big rug waiting for Dad to get home from work.”

My daughter Lindsey said this about Dexter, ” It’s weird, because all the time we have had Dexter, we’ve had all of our other pets.” (The other two dogs and our three small finch birds)

Lindsey also said this, “That no matter what you do, he always let you lay on him.”

Tommy also said, “Dexter would love to run up and down the chain link fence barking at our neighbor’s little dog when we lived in Texas.”

Tommy said, ” Dexter loved to play fetch (before he was completely blind) with the other dogs. He would chase them really fast around the yard in circles.”

Here are some of my memories of Dexter:

I remember how when we lived in Texas, Dexter use to jump up on the bench on our deck (that was attached to our house right by the kitchen) and he would sit outside and look inside at use in the kitchen window. (The window was real low)

My favorite memory of Dexter was watching him “sunbathing” in the backyard on his back and he would roll all around like he was itching his back! He would always groan and make funny noises too as he was rolling around.

I also remember how he would rub his face and the ENTIRE sides of his of body on the couch. I think he was just itching himself! LOL!

Man did Dex have some drool! OH MY GOSH! When EVER Dexter drank EVERYONE in the entire house could hear him. His beautiful, big ‘ole ears would drop into the big water bowl and they would get wet. (Let me tell you here that we live in military base housing with NO carpeting and no area rugs)

After Dexter was done drinking, I would count to see how many seconds it would take for him to shake all that extra water off his face and ears. All that extra water, mixed in with his “lovely” Basset Hound slobber would go F-L-Y-I-N-G everywhere! He didn’t always do the shaking in the kitchen, sometimes he waited until he made it into the dinning room.  A LOT of the time we wouldn’t see the “spray” of water and slobber from Dexter shaking off all the extra water and slobber so we ended up stepping it.  I can vividly remember stepping in those spots many, many times and saying, “Ewe that is soooo nasty!”  The kids would step in it most of the time and run to the front door and wipe their feet off about a million times. (This is where we have the only rug in our home)

Another memory is of our other dog Rusty with Dexter. Over the past few years Rusty has been licking Dexter’s “eye boogers.” That is what we have always called them. It is just nasty to watch! We always tried to get him to stop, but he never did; except on Friday, Dexter’s last day with us.

One lasting memory of Dexter was his howling. He would howl when the kids played the harmonica, or even when we would howl. (We would even put our heads up like he did when he howled) Dexter would keep on howling as long as we did or as long as you kept playing the harmonica.

Dexter was such a neat dog! He just wanted attention and someone to pet him. He was such a great dog and we all already miss him so very much! My heart is breaking every time I go to the backdoor to let my other two dogs outside.

With a heavy heart,


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