Life Changes

Recently my family has been going through some life changes and we will be going through more over the next six to eight months or so.

I usually don’t handle change well at all, but with the help of my weekly visits to my psychologist and through much prayer I have been handling these changes pretty well.

The types of life changes we have been going through have been: after 24 years of Active Duty Air Force service, my husband retired last month. He has been on “terminal leave” since about December 1st. During that time he has been applying and interviewing for jobs in the civilian world. He had a couple of good job interviews and a good job offer from a job here in town.

Then we had been praying about whether we should buy a house or rent one after my husband has retired; since we have lived on base for the past eleven years that we have been here in Sumter. After much prayer and consideration, we have come to the conclusion that it will be best for us to just rent for the time being. This is because we don’t want to be tied down to a house payment in Sumter in two years after my youngest graduates from High School. So, next we need to find a house to rent as soon as possible.

The last thing we have coming as far as life changes in the next several months is my son will be graduating from High School in June. He will be graduating with his first year of college credit completed already. In November he completed the last step he needed to become an Eagle Scout. He had his Eagle Scout ceremony last month to celebrate.

So, as our family transitions from military life to the civilian life, we would appreciate any prayers from you. Thank you very much in advance.


2 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. I am so thankful I was able to be there for Tommy’s retirement and Kyle’s Eagle Scout Ceremony. Your family is ending one chapter and beginning another. God has a plan for you and it will be awesome!!! I love you and want to thank you for hanging in there over the last 24 years.

  2. It was so wonderful to have you and the everyone else who was here. It meant so very much to Tommy that his family was his for his retirement. That was what was most important for him that day. That his whole family was together. That is all. It has been a good 20 years. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us in our next chapter.

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