Becoming Fit Again Takes Hard Work

Did you know that when you start exercising again after NOT exercising for like a year you are recommended by a DOCTOR 😁 to proceed s-l-o-w-l-y back into your exercise routine? I’m sure YOU knew that. Didn’t you? Sure you do. And guess what? I knew that too. Well, I know that.

But you know what? I don’t follow directions very well. Nope. I sure do not. What did I do? Tuesday after getting on a scale at the doctor’s office, (and freaking out a bit-inside my head) I decided that enough was enough. I was finished making excuses. Finito! (Finished in Italian)
Terminado! (Spanish) Fertig! (German) I vowed that no matter how darn cold it was that day, or rainy it was, I was going to go home and walk at least two miles. I was one determined woman. A woman mind you whom has not exercised in over a year.

When I got home, I grabbed a thick hoodie, laced up my shoes and off I went. At mile 1.5 the light mist and the winds hit me and I knew that I was not dressed for my longer than planned walk. As my phone beeped 20% battery life, I thought about calling for a ride home but I didn’t, partly because my fingers were so frozen to push the screen on my phone & also because I was too stubborn.

I kept walking, even as my spinal cord stimulator didn’t help the throbbing pain I n my lower back, hip and right leg. I struggled the last bit. And as I got about 1/2 mile from home…the rain came. I made it home and my fingers were so cold they wouldn’t open, & my legs wouldn’t move right. I looked like a wet dog with my hair matted to my head. LOL! I was a sight! 😜

My phone had died about 20 minutes before I got home and it was when I had hit 2.66 miles at 42 minutes. I adjusted my mileage and time on my Runkeeper App online and figured out that I had went 3.5 miles and I walked for an hour. I had also developed a nice big blister on the bottom of my foot where I always get one when I run. (I was walking a bit fast the first 1.5 miles)

So, what did this teach me? Well ladies and gentleman…I learned that as stubborn as I am, I need to slow down when first starting back an exercise routine. So when I went again on Thursday, I had a mapped out route that I went on. My calves were still quite sore but I went and it was a good walk.

I plan on walking every other day and eventually start running again…one day. I’m eating better as well. Because becoming fit and being healthy is more than just exercise. It’s a lifestyle.

I just fell off the wagon for a little bit. I’m getting back in it…slowly, but surely. I’ll be fit again.


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