The Laughter Within These Walls



“That is such a twitable moment, I need to go home and Tweet about that.” Me. “Mom, really, ‘twitable?’ Did you REALLY just say that?” My son, while he’s laughing at me and my youngest daughter is also laughing at me as well.

There is much laughter within the walls of our home here in sunny South Carolina. When you have two teenagers at home (and a 26 yr old living on her own) there is either laughter or much hair pulling… of your own. I chose the laughter.

My children are very funny. You know what they say, “Kids say the darnedest things?” Well, my kids, all three of them say the funniest things! We keep each other laughing, and I think that is fantastic. After all, what is a home with out the sound of children’s laughter? Not much of a home. And it’s music to my ears.

I love it when all of my children are all together, they are so much fun. We do fun things like have a contest at IHOP with our drinks…we take a straw and see who can suck a piece of ice the fastest to the top of the cup WITHOUT dropping it. Yes, I’ll admit, I came up with the silly game, and it did make us all laugh at the table, but we did all have fun.

My kids make me laugh…and I love them to pieces.


4 thoughts on “The Laughter Within These Walls

  1. Those kids have a pretty funny Mom too. I heard through the grapevine that her laugh will make you laugh.

  2. Yeah, her son DOES make fun of her laugh all the darn time… often mimicking the laugh and getting the mom on a laughing roll that makes her eyes water and her stomach hurt! That boy!!! He is the real comedian in the fAmily! He just tries to be the “quiet one.” Ha ha! 🙊

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