My Sweet Dog Joey

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams

My little dog Joey isn’t just my dog. He is my companion. Now if you’re not a ‘dog person’ than you probably won’t get my post today.

Joey is a three and a half year old Chihuahua that I have had since he was eleven weeks old. Since I am at home most of the day, he and I have developed quite a strong bond over the past three & a half years. Chihuahua’s usually only develop such a strong connection with one person in the home.

When I first got Joey I was having some issues with my Borderline Personality Disorder & Depression and having Joey around really helped me a lot.

We already had a dog at the time we got Joey. We had/have Rusty. He is a Golden Retriever mix. So, Rusty is a big, extremely furry dog. I have allergies to dogs. BUT…I get allergy shots every week, I take allergy medication, I bathe Joey regularly and he has short hair and doesn’t hardly shed.

We had never had a cute little lap dog before we got Joey. And he was so darn adorable when we first got him.


When we first got him he was so tiny, I put a cat’s bell on his collar, (as you can see in the picture above) because he was so fast and so small, I was afraid I was going to step on him.

Joey liked trying to play with Rusty…but Rusty didn’t play with Joey very often. Rusty was older than him, and much, much smaller than him, and Rusty was such an “old man.” So Joey had to play with us. My husband ended up being the one who taught him how to play rough with him, so now Joey associates rough play with my husband.

Joey follows me everywhere…and I do mean everywhere. Yes, even into the bathroom. He is such a loving and a loyal dog. He sleeps with me, and loves to cuddle with me…under the covers. He cuddles up right next to me…usually right next to my stomach. I have to get a certain amount of sleep, because of my mental health issues, I usually go to bed at a certain time each evening…and Joey knows when it’s bed time. When we are downstairs and I am down there too much past my bed time, sometimes he will start barking at me and he will paw at me, like he’s telling me, “I’m ready for bed now.” It’s so darn cute.

Joey knows when I am upset or not feeling well. If I am laying on the bed not feeling well, or if I happen to be quietly crying, (and if I am on the bed…Joey is almost ALWAYS on the bed too) Joey will come over to me and get right up in my face and start licking me and then lay down right beside me. He seems to always knows how to try to comfort me.

My sweet Joey has done wonders for my mental health since he came into my life. I thank God for Joey, because I know that Joey isn’t just my dog. He’s my little buddy and I love him very much.

~A dog can express more with his tail in seconds than his owner can express with his tongue in hours. ~





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