“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

It was a night of restless sleep with my spunky little Chihuahua, Joey. My rambunctious 5 year old little dude actually tore OFF one of his back toe nails sometime Wednesday evening.

I didn’t notice it until first thing Thursday morning when I went to let him outside and I saw him hopping out. He seemed okay at the time. I looked at it, and it was completely gone. He is notorious for tearing his nails in our yard, as we have a brick & rod iron fence. It has way too much excess cement at the pilings…as the company who built our fence did a pretty crappy job cleaning up their mess during the job and after the fact.

So, when Joey runs around the parameter of the yard…he tends to cut up the pads of his paws and his toe nails. We have even tried putting those little glove like shoes on him. He hates them. He won’t even walk in them. I even tried dog socks. Same thing, he just stands absolutely still in them. My son did make him move once in them, and it was the funniest thing you ever saw. You Tube “dogs in socks” if you want a laugh…I promise you its hilarious.

Well, back to my restless nigh. Last night as I tried to sleep, Joey…who sleeps under the covers, right next to me. When I say right next to me, I mean…all sprawled all, legs in front of him, and legs behind him. It’s the cutest darn thing. He was all cuddled up to me, as usual and he keeps tossing and turning and just not being still. Not usually like Joey. Before we went to bed, I had cleaned up his torn toe nail, and noticed it was getting a bit red, and I knew it was time for the vet. He did this most of the night and I don’t think either of us slept much.

So, when we I finally did get some sleep, I have no idea how much I actually got. I had my alarm set for 8am so I could get up and take Joey to the vet. Dr. Hudson got him all fixed up and he is home feeling much better.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend… never owned a dog.”



Restless Sleep with a Chihuahua

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