Hello, my name is Kim.  I am a …

Jesus Follower| Wife | Mother | Stained Glass Artist | Photographer  | Joshua 1:9 |  ~|~

I am a huge mental health advocate. I feel that there are too many stigmas about mental illness in this world, and people in general just don’t know enough about mental illness to make a valid opinion. There are too many labels put on people with mental illness. And I for one, don’t like being labeled at all.

I was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) about 7 years ago. I’ve been dealing with clinical depression for almost 18 years now. Anyone who has any type of mental illness knows how much of a daily struggle life can be sometimes. Just physically exhausting some days. This is why I couldn’t do it on my own. Why I don’t. I don’t even try. 1 day at a time …through the help of God first and foremost. Sometimes I have to take it every 5 minutes at a time…and that’s okay too. As long as I can get through my day, without having totally lost it…then I’m good.

I have been married to my husband -Tommy for over 20 years now. My husband and I are a blended family. When we met my oldest daughter was 5 years old. She is now 28 years old & my husband & I also have two children together. My son is now 20 and my youngest daughter is now 18. Being a blended family has been challenging at times, but we have three wonderful children who have blessed us both beyond words.

I started blogging many, many years ago, but recently started back again. It helps me to express myself in another outlet other than journaling. I blog here about many various things from my faith, mental health issues, blended family issues, the church, my Chihuahua – Joey, etc.

If you want to drop me a note, with a question about anything I have discussed,  or just comment, please feel free to email me below.


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